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Favorite Links

Here are some other web sites that I'd like to share with you.

Who are you?

The Christian Book of Revelation is a deceptive rewrite of a Hebrew

symbolic wisdom text authored by the Teacher of Righteousness.

Christianity, the New Testament, and Jesus Christ are false prophecy

perpetrated by Rome. The Vatican is the evil and mysterious remnant of

the Babylonian and Roman Empires symbolized in The Apocalypse and Book

of Daniel. The Vatican rules Planet Earth through secret control of

international banking, currencies, secret societies, and leading

politicians. The Vatican secretly exploits all three faiths of

Abraham, causing fear, conflict, and terrorism for religious,

political, and financial gain.

The Tribe of Judah, whose symbol was the lion, were founders of

ancient Israel and the most prominent and influential tribe until the

Greeks and Romans invaded the area and eventually scattered the tribe

to the four winds. The Old Testament begins as the history of African

people, and the inseparable (one of the same) histories of Egypt,

Ethiopia, Nubia, and Kush. The history occurred long before the influx

of Greeks and Romans into Northern Africa. Everyone was dark-skinned

and undeniably of African and/or Asian descent. The Roman Church via

the Vatican is responsible history's identity theft--the Tribe of

Judah. The proof comes to light if you--yourself would just take a

look at Egyptian artifacts with defaced noses--to hide African identity.

The Essene/Yahad at Qumran--the community responsible for hiding The

Dead Sea Scrolls were the source-point for the original Apocalypse. It

was later modified to become the Christianized Book of Revelation.

Most of the keys to the Apocalypse's symbolic code are found in the

Old Testament. It really should have been the last book of the Old

(Hebrew) Testament. It is the final Hebrew prophecy that permits us to

unseal all of the previous texts and prove or disprove the veracity of

Hebrew, Christian, and Islamic scripture. The Dead Sea Scrolls were

the work of the Tribe of Judah (Wisdom Sect) and the Yahad, who were

headquartered at the outpost community of Qumran.

There were zero--none--nil--naught European tribes enslaved in ancient

Egypt. Nor were there any European tribes in Africa 6,000 years ago at

the dawn of this "civilization"--the civilization you and I know. It

is deceptive, delusional and fraudulent to assert any European Jew or

Christian are from the root tribe of Judah. It is delusional for any

European to claim God given rights to land that was originally settled

by African and Semite slaves released from Egypt thousands of years

ago. This was before there was an Israel; therefore, it was before any

religion could be associated with Tribes of Israel or Judah.

(i don't agree wholly with the following statement)

St. Paul and his cohorts gathered information and stole materials with

which to start their new religion, as well as to earn promised rewards

from Roman backers. They viewed the Wisdom Texts of the Yahad/Essene

as great treasure to be taken by whatever means necessary. The events

of Paul led directly to the revolt against Rome and the destruction of

Jerusalem, Qumran and Masada. Paul and his co-conspirators murdered

Jacob and the Just One, Teacher of Righteous (The Messiah), Jerusalem

and the surrounding countryside rose up in revolt.

After the destruction and looting of Jerusalem, the Second Temple, and

the surrounding area by the Roman Army, materials from Qumran somehow

ended up in the hands of the very people who were labeled as traitors

and liars and who were proven Roman collaborators and agents. Roman

soldiers had specific instructions to locate and return texts and

other plunder intact. The Essene/Yahad texts were later rewritten by

Rome to become The New Testament.

The Great Sphinx is the symbol for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and

its African face is obvious and undeniable, regardless of repeated

assertions that it is the image of later Egyptian pharaohs from Nubian

rule. The symbol of the Pyramid and Shining eye is the same as the

symbol for the ancient Priesthood of Marduk and the Great Red Dragon

of Ancient Babylon.

The Vatican is the secret power center and capitol of the worldwide

empire symbolized as Mystery Babylon in The Apocalypse. The Vatican is

the true hidden ruler of Planet Earth and they are behind much

terrorism, conflict, and suffering. They are the secret power behind

Freemasonry, the Skull and bones, the Illuminati, the New World Order.

The Old Testament, The Apocalypse, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Nag

Hammadi Codexes, Hermetic Texts clearly display aspects of ancient

structured symbolism.

The founders of Christianity--the Roman Church created Christianity by

blending stolen Hebrew (Yahad/Essence) texts with long established

"mystery-school" myths. Over time, the Roman Church fabricated a false

messiah--now called Jesus Christ and false stories--called The New

Testament to cover their tracks and hide the fact they and the Roman

soldiers murdered the true Messiah and the true Saints, falsely

accused the populations of ancient Israel/Palestine of crimes

permitted by the founders of Christianity, their Roman masters, and

the collaborators in the second Jerusalem Temple.

The Tribe of Yehuda (Juda) originates: There were many tribes enslaved

in Egypt before the Exodus into ancient Palestine. Most came from

Africa, and many returned there after the destruction of ancient

Israel and Juda by Rome. The Tribe of Juda is the ancient tribe that

is so prominent in the so-called Old Testament, Tanakh, The Dead Sea

Scrolls, and The Apocalypse.

The skin colors in the area of North Africa, Egypt, and Palestine were

eventually lightened over time by the influx of Greeks and Romans

during the hundreds of years they controlled the area. It is much like

the American slaves, who were "lifted" from Africa--the homeland of

the ancient tribes of Yehuda. These are not the same tribes who

represent the current populations of European Jews, Christians or any

such claimants. The "Tribe of Juda" refers to a very specific people,

not to any religion. That's why The Apocalypse specifically refers to

the "root" of David and not the fruit of David's tree--the root

tribe--not the house.

The priesthood of Belial (Satan and Lucifer) secretly controlled the

Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman Empire, created and adopted

Christianity as their primary religion. They subjugating and

controlled all religions, money and politics. They eventually changed

their name to the Vatican and re-established control over Eurasia

through the same methods. This time their chief religion was Christianity.

When you look at the suffering and conflict in Africa and the Middle

East, you should understand the Vatican fears the arrival of The Lion

of the tribe of Juda and the revealing of the truth more than anything

else. Compare the actions of Catholic priests against children and the

recent actions of Christian soldiers against Muslim prisoners. Compare

the actions of the State of Israel to the actions of Nazi Germany.

Look at how easily followers of Islam are convinced becoming

terrorists and suicide bombers serves "Allah." Little has changed from

the days of the Crusades and the Inquisition, and the Creator has made

sure that you will finally understand the truth about all religions.

The USA and European Union denotes the latest face of the Roman Empire

exactly as foretold by ancient prophecies. The creation of the

so-called "Modern State of Israel--1948" was a major step in grand

deception and "The New World Order." The current war in Iraq and the

continuing conflicts in Palestine and Israel are attempts to set the

stage for a counterfeit and manufactured "Battle of Armageddon."

Euro-American world leaders have the gall to go before the world and

claim they are surprised and betrayed over the killing and maiming of

many tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, Afghanis, and millions of

Vietnamese, Native Americans, African slaves when they are the

culprits. Currently

Israel of Yah

Organization and Reference Sites Of United Hebrew Nation

Here I'll put links to organizations that share my beliefs, or to sites that I refer to for information.

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